Software Development

MCell (Monte Carlo cell) is being developed with support from the the NIGMS-funded Biomedical Technology and Research Resource for (BTRR) Multiscale Modeling of Biological Systems (MMBioS).

MCell is a highly successful modeling tool for realistic simulation of cellular signaling in the complex 3D subcellular microenvironment in and around living cells – what we call cellular microphysiology. At such small subcellular scales the familiar macroscopic concept of concentration is not useful and stochastic behavior dominates. MCell uses highly optimized MC algorithms to track discrete molecules in space and time as they diffuse and interact with other effector molecules such as membrane channels, receptors, transporters or enzymes.

Current work centers on newly expanded algorithms for dynamic mesh geometries, multi-state multi-component molecules, parallelization, a library based compute engine, and more.