2. Required Software

Before starting these tutorials, you need to download the CellBlender 1.1 bundle (linux, windows). Unlike previous versions of CellBlender, this should include everything you need to create, run, and visualize your simulations. Simply download, extract the zip file, and start Blender.


Most Windows and Linux users should use the CellBlender 1.1 bundle (linux, windows). OSX users will need to install CellBlender from scratch. Additionally, some advanced users may want to regardless of their platform. They will need to manually install the following pieces:

You don't need these immediately, but you will likely find them necessary later on:

2.1. Prerequisites

  • Some basic familiarity with the command line will be useful in later sections. There are many tutorials online that explain the basics, like The Command Line Crash Course.
  • No previous knowledge of Blender or Python is required; however, the goal of these tutorials is not to teach these topics. There are already many good resources available to learn about these subjects (e.g. Python tutorials).

2.2. The Next Step

After you have downloaded, extracted, and started the CellBlender bundle, you should continue with the Single Molecule Diffusion tutorial.