12.7. Lotka Volterra Models

12.7.1. Description

A spatial Lotka Volterra Model is introduced in here with a prey population that exponentially grows when not constrained, a population of predators that grows after consuming preys, and predators die after some time (details of how to implement the model in a torus are here Lotka-Volterra in a Torus). Three reactions govern the dynamics of the populations (prey -> prey + prey , predator + prey -> predator + predator and predator -> NULL). Two examples are presented one in which the reaction rate limits the number of preys and predators (Reaction-Limited), and the other is an example where the diffusion coefficient limits the number of reactions (Diffusion-Limited). Both models are similar with the exception of the reaction rate constants.

12.7.2. Demonstrated features

  • Reactions between volume molecules.

  • Usage of the NULL function in a reaction.