12.9. MinD/MinE System model

12.9.1. Description

This example recreates the MiN system in E. coli, where three proteins MinC, MinE and MinD are used to localize the septum prior to cell division. Further details of the model can be found here . Volume molecules mind with a bound adp molecule (mind_adp) can phosphorylate to mind_atp, through the reaction mind_adp -> mind_atp. mind proteins in the atp-bound conformation (mind_atp) can further bind to the membrane, through the reaction mind_atp@IN + surf -> mind_m, where surf represent a surface class associated to the membrane. A number of other reactions also occur, that generates oscillating clusters of surface molecules mind_m and mine_m on the membrane.

12.9.2. Demonstrated features

  • Interaction between volume molecules and a surface class associated with the membrane of an object.